Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo pray for peaceful, honest election 2010


Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) executive minister Eduardo V. Manalo sent a pastoral letter to all the INC churches nationwide here in the Philippines to pray for peaceful and honest election last April 24 and 25, 2010 a report stated. 2 days later, April 27, Eduardo V. Manalo welcomed Gloria Arroyo in their INC central office to "glorify" the deceased Erano Manalo thru a launching ceremony of a postal stamp. (Gloria Arroyo admitted on calling an election officer during a national election canvass. Hello-Garci Scandal tainted the legitimacy of Gloria Arroyo's presidency)

Hello Garci was a national electoral scandal here in the Philippines that put Gloria Arroyo's legacy into shame and producing multiple efforts of the Filipino people to try to oust Gloria Arroyo. Iglesia Ni Cristo has always behind Gloria Arroyo and supports her thru all years of GMA rule. Fernando Poe Jr, [the real winner of the 2004 election] died without achieving the much deserved justice of an electoral fraud to his presidential bid. We never saw any official statement from Iglesia Ni Cristo condemning the Hello-Garci scandal because the cheating incident actually put Gloria Arroyo into power whom INC supported in the last 2004 presidential election.

Iglesia Ni Cristo supported Gloria Arroyo.
Iglesia Ni Cristo has been silent on their stand about the Hello-Garci "cheating scandal.
And here is INC praying for a peaceful and honest election.

Iglesia Ni Cristo and the word peaceful don’t give sense to us either.

History reveals that INC is a sore political loser. When the INC presidential pick Joseph ERAP Estrada was toppled down and was replaced by GMA during the EDSA 2, the INC cult took it seriously, they took it personally. After EDSA 2, Iglesia Ni Cristo members protested and marched to try to reinstate Joseph Estrada. INC supported the INC and televised EDSA 3 on their TV station. The anti-government protest turned violent when INC members marched to Malacanang tried to remove Gloria Arroyo from the office. Police and soldiers tried to pacify the resistance but a violent clash rages. Iglesia Ni Cristo members died in the EDSA3.

PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism also reported that INC members shot some soldiers when Marcos tried to shutdown the INC broadcast during 1970.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members, peace-loving citizens? I don't think so.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members pray for a peaceful and honest election?
I don't know to whom or which god does INC pray, but I think the god to whom INC are praying have not heeded the INC calls for the past elections. Iglesia Ni Cristo cult dictates its members to whom should they vote thru their doctrine of bloc-voting. Non-compliance of their church law would mean expulsion. Since time immemorial, we have not heard any clean election was made here in the Philippines. Does this mean that the INC prayers are always being ignored by their god?

If the lucky-appointed candidates of INC whom they picked were a "chosen" candidate from above the sky, then why did Danding Cojuangco fail to win last 1992 election? Then why Joseph Estrada won an election but later is convicted as a plunderer? Then why Gloria Arroyo, won (?) the 2004 election with the help of "Garci"

With the terrible reputation of Iglesia Ni Cristo cult, it's quite awkward to hear that INC is praying for a peaceful and honest election.
INC, please give us a break.
Just leave the praying to CBCP (Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines).
CBCP is more reliable and trustworthy than INC.
The heaven might be more kind to listen to CBCP's prayers than the cult of INC.

The mouth of INC members maligning and spreading lies in the internet might be abominable for them to pray for a peaceful and honest election.

Quiboloy's 6 million members are way greater than INC less than a million members.
If Quiboloy's claim is true that blurred visions from heaven about the election might result to a failure of election, we must be hopeful.

Eduardo Manalo is a neophyte compared to the other senior religious leaders here in the Philippines. Mike Velarde and Quiboloy maybe more credible to listen to compared to Eduardo V. Manalo who just inherited the INC leadership from his father Erano Manalo. To INC: just leave the Philippine politics alone.
Please don't mess up the Philippine election 2010.

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