Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noynoy visits INC on the eve of his inauguration

Report: Noynoy visits INC Central Temple in QC

Manila, Philippines - Is this a courtesy call to Eduardo Manalo? Noynoy Aquino paid a visit to the INC administration on the eve of inauguration is a kind of a sneaky style of Iglesia Ni Cristo of imposing their 'power' to politicians. Apparently, INC members are quick to react on the news of Noynoy visit to INC and they proudly “own" the victory of Noynoy Aquino.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo New Era University expensive

Iglesia Ni Cristo members in PMA

How expensive the tuition fee in New Era University is? Remember the story of INC PMA graduates on how they initially planned on going to study to New Era University but was not able to because they have not enough money. That is how cruel Iglesia Ni Cristo is in money even on their own members. INC is willing to ignore their members' yearning for learning if they do not have enough money.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Lingap sa Mamamayan

Caring for the welfare of our fellowmen is divine and holy. Christians and non-Christians are doing charity works on a daily basis. One of the well-known charity workers is the Catholic nun Mother Teresa. A lot of non government organizations here in the Philippines are helping other people to ease up their poor way of living such as the Philippine National Red Cross and other Christian civic organizations. It's quite hard to see that these groups "advertise" their good deeds for us to take notice on what they are doing. They are the silent workers that build a Christian nation like the Philippines.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Holiday 2010

It's payback time. Iglesia Ni Cristo is just like a snake in the grass waiting for a perfect time to attack for their personal gains. Filipinos already expected the victory of Noynoy Auqino for his run as the Philippine president, there's nothing hard to understand on that point, it's very obvious. Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsing Noynoy Aquino came as no surprise either. Filipinos are not new with the INC style of gaining political powers like how INC supported Gloria Arroyo all the way in the 2004 cheating-related national election. There is no legal/clean way that Gloria Arroyo can defeat FPJ in an election. Hello Garci showed us how wicked Gloria Arroyo is in manipulating election data with the help of a commissioner from Commission on Election. Yes, Gloria Arroyo is the kind of politicians that INC endorses. I wonder what moral standards does INC is using in picking up candidates? Winn ability? Power? Money? Loyalty?

Iglesia Ni Cristo during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines

Biblical heroes of Christianity like the apostles and Saint Paul are well known for their bravery in leading their flocks. Stephen was even stoned to death after a heated discussion with the Jews. Never can we see in the bible that the courageous leaders of the Christian faith bowed down or cower to such outside pressure to give away their leadership to some unknown personality. The apostles and the Christian leaders are not cowards. Our Lord Jesus Christ and the other Christian martyrs risked and lost their lives because of their firm faith to the church.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Baptism

The baptism of Charice Pempengco from INC back to Catholic Church shows a current trend. INC members are leaving Iglesia Ni Cristo. The Iglesia Ni Cristo baptism to new members has significantly dropped. With the recent much-published Charice Pempengco's baptism to Catholic after she and her mother left Iglesia Ni Cristo because of her father's violent irresponsible ways, many Filipino Catholics rejoice with the event, specially the fans of Charice. Ricky Pempengco, an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, physically abused his wife Raquel and left Charice irresponsibly. A report also said that Ricky was an INC member who has a drug problem. With these factors, who would not leave Iglesia Ni Cristo? True Christians show their Christian values in their actions not in bloc-voting during elections. This is where the Iglesia Ni Cristo failed, teaching the true Christian values.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Wedding or INC Weeding

Getting married to an Iglesia Ni Cristo member? Well, As far as I know, that is the current most effective way for Iglesia Ni Cristo cult to increase their membership, by prohibiting their members in marrying non-INC members. Like bloc-voting, Iglesia Ni Cristo enforces an awkward and weird doctrine that No INC members are allowed to get married to people who are "outside" or non-members of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Expulsion will be given to all who will not follow the Iglesia Ni Cristo's doctrine of bloc-voting to elections and non-compliance of falling in love to INC members only. FIRST, Iglesia Ni Cristo will change your decision on what your heart dictates in politics then SECOND, Iglesia Ni Cristo will also change your heart to whom you should marry.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo is not for Children

I don’t want to see my kids to be smoking cigarettes one day when they grow up. How can I prohibit by kids not to smoke if I am an INC member and we can see INC members and INC pastors smoking cigarettes outside the INC chapel before church gatherings? Solution: we should not join INC cult. INC pastors and members are bad influences to children.

PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH, that's what they often say. That is simply not applicable to Iglesia Ni Cristo. How can we even teach to our children the biblical teaching of loving our enemies when we are clear witnesses how INC treats their enemies? INC members are vicious and brutal to non-INC members. Sometimes, I watch the Iglesia Ni Cristo channel and always see the INC ministers cursing other religious groups.

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Charice Pempengco experience

Obviously, Iglesia Ni Cristo was hurt about Charice Pempengco switch from Iglesia Ni Cristo back to Roman Catholic. It's a big media embarrassment for the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult that a big star like Charice Pempengco turns her back to the cult headed by the Manalo family. A Filipino blogger, Jay Teodoro, blogged that the reason why Charice left Iglesia Ni Cristo is MONEY.

Charice Pempengco Converts From Iglesia Ni Cristo to Catholic

Iglesia Ni Cristo against Press Freedom

Philippines is a democratic country. Sadly, a cult was born from this side of the world. Iglesia Ni Cristo political cult has been known from the Philippine history to be politically influential and with mafia like style of eliminating their opponents. They will try to file law suits, use political influences, make violent rally against the government or will try to put their enemies in prison, hospital or in cemetery. The wickedness of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is all over, politics, justice, religious doctrines and in killing their enemies. (Remember the university students that were butchered inside an INC chapel?)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo 96th Anniversary

Happy Iglesia Ni Cristo 96th Anniversary to all INC members and we are wishing them to find the truth one day and leave the INC cult once and for all. Iglesia Ni Cristo is not well-loved by the Filipino people. INC members openly attack Catholics and Christian groups online and on the streets. INC members create blogs, participates online forums and create fictitious Facebook accounts to malign and destroy their enemies. Father Abe (Splendor Of Church) and other Catholic defenders are living witnesses to what I am saying. Since Noynoy Aquino is a catholic, I am guessing that INC will be having a head-to-head clash with the Catholics during the Aquino administration because I suspect that INC will own and claim that it was INC who helped Noynoy to win as the Philippine President. And of course we know that it is not true because even if INC has voted for Joseph Estrada, Noynoy Aquino was a sure winner. INC is just voting for the obvious winner.