Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Holiday 2010

It's payback time. Iglesia Ni Cristo is just like a snake in the grass waiting for a perfect time to attack for their personal gains. Filipinos already expected the victory of Noynoy Auqino for his run as the Philippine president, there's nothing hard to understand on that point, it's very obvious. Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsing Noynoy Aquino came as no surprise either. Filipinos are not new with the INC style of gaining political powers like how INC supported Gloria Arroyo all the way in the 2004 cheating-related national election. There is no legal/clean way that Gloria Arroyo can defeat FPJ in an election. Hello Garci showed us how wicked Gloria Arroyo is in manipulating election data with the help of a commissioner from Commission on Election. Yes, Gloria Arroyo is the kind of politicians that INC endorses. I wonder what moral standards does INC is using in picking up candidates? Winn ability? Power? Money? Loyalty?

Certainly, the INC support to Noynoy Aquino is not a pro-bono thing. (Iglesia Ni Cristo Property in El Cajon California) Last year, Iglesia Ni Cristo special holiday was announced by Gloria Arroyo but after roughly one month of the 95th INC celebration, INC head Erano Manalo died. Is it curse that Erano Manalo died after 1 month after the meaningless celebration of their cult foundation? What will happen to INC if Eduardo Manalo also die after celebrating the Iglesia Ni Cristo foundation day? (We all die, right? We can die today, tomorrow, next week, next month. Who knows?) After Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo, Eduardo Manalo, who's next?) Is it really necessary for Iglesia Ni Cristo that a Manalo family member should be the next heir of Iglesia Ni Cristo

I seriously doubt that the INC cult will be making another "big" celebration of their 96th foundation day unlike last year because national election time is already over. The 95th meaningless celebration last year was a futile waste of time and money. The 95th INC celebration led to the eventual untimely death of their head cult leader Erano Manalo. Is is fate or a jinx? And besides, allowing the Iglesia Ni Cristo members to leave from work (with pay) is unfair to the Filipino Catholics. You know why?

Christmas Day (December 25) a catholic/Christian holiday

Catholics, Christians and INC members are enjoying holiday and allowed to leave from work (with pay)

Iglesia Ni Cristo holiday (July 27) an INC holiday

Only INC members are allowed to leave from work (with pay)

Catholics and Christians are working while INC is out of office, glorifying Manalo family.

Is that fair? INC has one extra holiday compared to others?

Speaking of fairness.

If INC members do not believe in Christmas,

INC members should be working on Dec 25 while Catholics and Christians are on-paid holiday leave on Dec 25.

If Catholics and Christians do not believe on INC holiday, Catholics/Christians should working on July 27 while INC members are on-paid holiday leave on July 27


Iglesia Ni Cristo is a self-serving cult organization from the Philippines. They do not bother to take care for other religious groups or members. The very seldom INC charity works are exceedingly overshadowed by a lot more Christian groups. How can we expect a genuine charity works from Iglesia Ni Cristo if the INC's main doctrine is all of us are destined to hell? INC members are hurting and killing non-INC Filipinos every now and then. INC is more well-known of their political influence than their Christian values. Filipinos hate Iglesia Ni Cristo. Iglesia Ni Cristo holiday is a senseless celebration glorifying a cult and recognition of the Manalo family.

There are some big differences between the year 2009 and 2010 for INC

First - Erano Manalo died, his less-capable son Eduardo Manalo took over

Second - Philippines has a new president. Noynoy Aquino is different from Gloria Arroyo. INC can easily ask favors from Gloria but the INC influence to Noynoy remains to be seen

Third - INC membership continues to DECREASE from year to year. The 95th celebration of INC also includes "hakot" or "akay" by INC members.

Fourth - The INC partylist, ALAGAD, has fewer number of votes compared to 2007 election, thus, wielding a lesser political impact among legislators.

Just like the online comment I've read...

Ang kamatayan ni Erano Manalo ay sumpa sa mga Iglesia Ni Cristo
 The death of Erano Manalo is a curse to Iglesia Ni Cristo

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