Saturday, July 3, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Resbak - Conrad J. Obligacion

Manila, Philippines - If I will be asked to pick a classic example of a true blooded Iglesia Ni Cristo member out there, a genuine INC member, I would have to choose Conrad J. Obligacion / readme / truthcaster / Resbak. Conrad J. Obligacion embodies the whole teachings of the true Iglesia Ni Cristo established by Felix Manalo. Filipinos are fully aware how the Iglesia Ni Cristo takes revenge to their enemies whenever the atrocities of Iglesia Ni Cristo are being exposed. Look at how INC is persecuting their rival group Dating Daan. Look at how INC members are bad-mouthing Catholic blog sites. Look at how Resbak / Conrad J. Obligacion easily throw inflammatory words to all non-INC members. Look at how Resbak / Conrad J. Obligacion attack other religious doctrines. Look at how Resbak / Conrad J. Obligacion maligns and spread lies to others. Iglesia Ni Cristo's Resbak is an embarrassment to the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Noynoy Aquino Wang-wang and INC stickers

Noynoy Aquino, as the newly elected Philippine President is showing how a law-abiding Filipino should be doing in the streets, to follow the traffic lights. Under Presidential Decree 96, only motor vehicles designated for the use of the Philippine National Police, Armed Forces of the Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation Office, Bureau of Fire Protection, and hospital ambulances can be fitted with sirens, bells, horns or similar gadgets.

The Philippine president would like to show an example that we should follow traffic lights. The police escort of P-Noy also stopped in red lights and did not used sirens as the news reported. I guess our new president is on to a good start here. He is teaching us that simple rules do matter even to the highest political position in the archipelago. The humility of Noynoy Aquino is truly inspiring.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members in the internet

Manila, Philippines - Natutuwa naman ako at napakaraming ng nagsusulat ng blog about Iglesia Ni Cristo. Desperado na ang mga INC, puro paninira lang ang ginagawa sa kapwa tao at pamemerhuwisyo kaya ayan, nagigising na ang mga Pilipino sa mga kabulastugan ng mga Iglesia Ni Manalo. Madudumi ang bibig ng mga INC members sa internet. Gumagawa pa sila ng mga pekeng facebook, friendster, yahoo accounts para lang makapanira ng mga tao. Hindi ko na iisa-isahin ang mga magigiting na bloggers na nagsusulat at nagbubunyag sa mga kalokohan kasi hina-hunting ng mga INC ang mga bloggers na yan at sisiraan.

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Reproductive Health Bill No. 3773

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo always denies that they meddle with politics. INC dictates their members who should they vote in elections, expulsion from church will be given to those who will vote against the INC decisions to political candidates. When Iglesia Ni Cristo joined and died during the anti-Government EDSA3 protest, INC still denies that they are meddling with politics. The INC tv channel Net25 televised the EDSA3 protest the whole day, forgetting about their regular programming, INC still denies that they are meddling in politics. Iglesia Ni Cristo voted the Alagad party list with its representative Rodante Marcoleta, an INC member. All over the country, INC members voted Alagad party list to represent them in the Philippine congress. Being a representative of a group sector, means that the bill you file or whatever political things you do, represents the people who supported you, right. And being an INC member, Rodante Marcoleta should have or expectedly getting cues from the INC administration in regarding to special and major political decisions. Common, we cannot simply deny that Rodante Marcoleta of Alagad is being watched by the INC group.

Goodbye Gloria Arroyo, Curse you Iglesia Ni Cristo

Manila, Philippines - Bago na Presidente, bago na ang administration. Sana magbago na din ang mga Pilipino. Call center while is good to some, sana umunlad naman ang Pilipinas sa agrikultura. Napakaraming likas na kayamanan ng Pilipinas. Pwede naman tayong kumita na matutulungan pati yung mga hindi nakapag-aral. Kahit anong sabihing "economic improvement" ang ipagyabang ni Gloria Arroyo at ng kanyang mga kasamahan, napakaliwanag ng mensahe na hindi nakarating sa hapag kainan ng mga mahihirap ang sinasabi nilang pagunlad ng Pilipinas. Imagine, around 9years si Gloria Arroyo sa Malacanang, but basically we are on the same situation or much worse.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eduardo Manalo Less Capable Leader

Manila, Philippines - Noong mamatay si Erano Manalo, nakatanggap ako ng txt sa cell phone ko na patay na nga daw siya. Umaga yun ng September 1, 2009. Loob-loob ko, yari ang mga INC members nito. Dinadakila ng mga INC members si Erano Manalo gaya ng pagdakila nila kay Felix Manalo. (Hindi ba pagdakila ang matatawag na gawan pa naman nila ng bronze na statue or monumento si Felix Manalo?) Obviously, nalungkot at ang iba pa ay umiyak sa biglaang kamatayan ni Erano Manalo. Hindi man lang ata nainform ang mga INC members na nasa banig na ng karamdaman ang kapatid nilang si Erano Manalo. After ng walang kwenta nilang 95th celebration eh, nabalitaan na lang agad nilang patay na si Erano Manalo. Sumpa nga ba ang kamatayan ni Erano Manalo? Anyway, ang pag-uusapan natin ay si Eduardo Manalo, ang masuwerteng nakamana ng kayamanan at pamamahala ng Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Death Penalty in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines - via Republic Act No. 9346, signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on June 24, 2006, Capital punishment (or death penalty) was abolished. The death Penalty was replaced by life imprisonment and reclusion perpetua (indeterminate sentence, 30-year minimum). I totally agree with the removal of death penalty here in the Philippines. Based on Philippine history, most of the criminals who have been convicted and punished with the death penalty are just poor folks. Previously, the method of death penalty is by electric chair but when the Philippine Congress passed the Republic Act No. 7659, which took effect on 31 December 1993 (entitled "An Act to Impose the Death Penalty on Certain Heinous Crimes, Amending for that Purpose the Revised Penal Code, as Amended, Other Special Penal Laws, and for Other Purposes"), the method was replaced by lethal injection.

Alagad and the INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta

Manila, Philippines - In the Alagad party list, there are leaders/nominees and supporters there that are Catholics and non-INC members. Alagad party list have to admit that without the INC support, Alagad can't win a single seat in the Philippine congress. Basing on the 2010 election result, I guess most of the Alagad votes came from the INC group. Rodante Marcoleta is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member so naturally, the support of the INC group is expected. INC professes UNITY for their block voting. It is in the name of unity that they practice block voting so it would be senseless for INC not to vote for Alagad because of Rodante Marcoleta, a certified INC member. He is an asset for the Alagad party list.