Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alagad and the INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta

Manila, Philippines - In the Alagad party list, there are leaders/nominees and supporters there that are Catholics and non-INC members. Alagad party list have to admit that without the INC support, Alagad can't win a single seat in the Philippine congress. Basing on the 2010 election result, I guess most of the Alagad votes came from the INC group. Rodante Marcoleta is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member so naturally, the support of the INC group is expected. INC professes UNITY for their block voting. It is in the name of unity that they practice block voting so it would be senseless for INC not to vote for Alagad because of Rodante Marcoleta, a certified INC member. He is an asset for the Alagad party list.
INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta never fail to make me laugh, like the rest of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The Alagad party list congressman Rodante Marcoleta have endorsed the original impeachment complaint against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (the complainant was lawyer Oliver Lozano) Some people considers the complaint and the endorsement was just a bogus, so Gloria Arroyo can get away with the impeachment complaint. Indeed, after numerous calls for Arroyo's impeachment, it all failed, like the one Marcoleta endorsed. Funny thing is when former Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman recounted last 2005 in a press conference that during a conversation between Ms Arroyo and her political adviser Gabriel Claudio. Arroyo allegedly told Claudio to ask someone to indorse the impeachment case that lawyer Oliver Lozano had filed. Dinky Soliman quoted Claudio as saying that he would call Marcoleta, who eventually endorsed the complaint.

Is INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta a puppet of Gloria Arroyo? I don't know. Why did Marcoleta endorsed an impeachment complaint against Gloria Arroyo while Arroyo is the endorsed president of the Iglesia Ni Cristo on the 2004 presidential election? Is INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta a puppet of Gloria Arroyo? I don't know. Gloria Arroyo is a constant visitor in the INC headquarters in Diliman Quezon City. Why did Marcoleta endorsed an impeachment complaint against Gloria Arroyo while Arroyo is the endorsed president of the Iglesia Ni Cristo on the 2004 presidential election? Is INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta a puppet of Gloria Arroyo? I don't know.

Court junks P20-m libel suit against ex-Welfare secretary

When Dinky Soliman revealed her information about the conversation between Gloria Arroyo and her political adviser Gabriel Claudio in asking Marcoleta in endorsing the impeachment complaint, INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta filed a P20m libel suit against Dinky Soliman. Luckily, Dinky Soliman was acquitted from the accusation of Marcoleta. Judge Rosanna Fe Romero-Maglaya found no malice about Soliman's statement. INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta failed his case against Dinky Soliman.

Usually, that is how INC operates against people. Luckily, Judge Rosanna Fe Romero-Maglaya saw that there is no clear evidence on the allegation that the INC congressman was trying to hurl against Dinky Soliman. My question is, why would an Alagad representative would be endorsing an impeachment case against a Philippine president? Does the Alagad party list does not respect the electoral mandate of an incumbent president voted by Filipinos? Does the impeachment endorsement of INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta represents the will of his group sector he is representing in the congress? Did the INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta acted on his own personal will or he is just a puppet who acts because somebody is pulling the string?

We should stand to things that we know that are right. Our movements should not be influenced by outside forces specially when we are talking about serious issues. I pity the INC congressman for this kind of situation. Marcoleta once proposed to the National Security Council (NSC) officials to include priests to include them in the terror list who have supported calls for President Arroyo’s resignation. It is the same Marcoleta who endorsed an impeachment complaint against Gloria Arroyo. Man, this is totally confusing. By The Way, Congratulations to Ms. Dinky Soliman for being acquitted from the libel suits filed against her by the INC member congressman Rodante Marcoleta.

Rep. Rodante Marcoleta is one of the delegates of Gloria Arroyo who wined and dined at the posh Le Cirque restaurant in New York City. While Filipinos are living in poverty eating noodles, Gloria Arroyo and Rodante Marcoleta was having the best time of their lives eating at a super expensive restaurant. The tab was $20,000! BEFORE their $20,000 meal at Le Cirque, Gloria Arroyo and Rodante Marcoleta dined at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in DC on July 30 with a $15,000 bill.

PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT Rodante Marcoleta of Alagad is an INC Congressman.


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    • Hypocrisy. All the INC 'good works' will be displayed and broadcasted while deep inside, Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that only INC members will be going to heaven. ALL non-INC members will burn in hell. Catholics, Muslims and protestants will all burn in hell. The INC doctrine is cruel to judge everyone who are not members of their cult.

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  2. Just like any rogue religious institutions who uses religion to prey on the ignorant. The fact that this cult is family run should ring the bells to the would be member or members already practicing this so called religion. Its merely a cover for a multi million dollar religious business that are popping up in the philippines. Once example is The Kingdom of Jesus Christ headed by Apollo Quibuloy who would tast its followers to collect money from malls to airports clearly shows that there's nothing holy about this sect. All I see is these guys just know how to play with words that to the ignorant and to the desperate will sound like echoes of Jesus from the bible. These people are wolves in sheeps clothing but if you apply the saying "actions speak louder than words" that should wake you up from the brainwashed state of hypnotism that these institution put you under. Praying to God is Free, it does not cost 10% of your income.

  3. What's with INC that attracts you people in this trash blog so badly that you're acting like psychos just to say things that I bet and sure you don't really know about it? Don't you have any productive or socially relevant things to do with your time that you spend it writing xth-hand, unofficial, unconfirmed things about a religion you don't even know about? What DO YOU KNOW about INC?

    Perhaps what you know about it is what you obviously see. That it has successfully become a recognized congregation WORLDWIDE. Out in 5,400 local congregations in 90 countries in a little over 95 years. That it is undeniably politically influential (repeat: politically influential) That it is, simply put, successful.

    Why do you need to be bitter and extremely envious about it?

  4. For your wrong information talagang wow mali ka kung sino ka man ! Wala kang alam sa loob ng Iglesia Ni Cristo,nakakatawa kasi sablay ka....walang kwenta mga pinamposted mo! Nagpapahalata ka lang nah haka-haka ka o tamang kwento ! Hayyssss! Are you in drugs ? Kung sakaling may Iglesia Ni Cristo na tumakbo bilang pulitiko ay hindi pa lang pinaplano siguradong tiwalag nah !!!

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  7. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

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    Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo

    Si Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo ay napapabalitang anak din ni Felix Manalo at kung ang pagbabatayan ay mukha, para ngang kamukha ni Felix Manalo si Rene Panoncillo. Sana tigilan na ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo ang paninira sa mga katoliko kasi mismong Iglesia Ni Cristo members at ang Manalo family ay may kasiraan din.

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    Alam naman ng lahat na si Felix Manalo ay galing din sa iba't-ibang religions. Nabautismuhan si Felix Manalo sa ibang religions pero hindi mismo sa sariling religion na itinatag niya. I doubt na sugo nga ng Dios si Felix Manalo. Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae?

    These are just simple deadly questions.
    The answers are more frightening.




    LOOSERS !!!

    No matter what these LOOSERS are saying about the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the truth remains forever.

    The bible teaches the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the only TRUE CHURCH.