Thursday, July 1, 2010

Death Penalty in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines - via Republic Act No. 9346, signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on June 24, 2006, Capital punishment (or death penalty) was abolished. The death Penalty was replaced by life imprisonment and reclusion perpetua (indeterminate sentence, 30-year minimum). I totally agree with the removal of death penalty here in the Philippines. Based on Philippine history, most of the criminals who have been convicted and punished with the death penalty are just poor folks. Previously, the method of death penalty is by electric chair but when the Philippine Congress passed the Republic Act No. 7659, which took effect on 31 December 1993 (entitled "An Act to Impose the Death Penalty on Certain Heinous Crimes, Amending for that Purpose the Revised Penal Code, as Amended, Other Special Penal Laws, and for Other Purposes"), the method was replaced by lethal injection.

Remember Leo Echegaray?

Gloria Arroyo, being a catholic, opposed the death penalty. I also oppose death penalty. It's kind of barbaric in this modern time. We should give criminals a chance to change and think about on what have they done. Catholic Church and other Christian groups are obviously pro-life advocates. We hate death penalty and we hate abortions. But Iglesia Ni Cristo is different from other religions here in the Philippines. If there would be a law passing a death penalty, I wonder what would be the vote of the INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta about the subject? My guess is the INC stand about death penalty is to agree and support the law. With the long list of INC members sentencing their enemis to the grave, death penalty have long been in effect inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

How many times have we read about the news that Iglesia Ni Cristo members hurt other people? How many times have we read about the news that Iglesia Ni Cristo members KILLED their enemies? Some Iglesia Ni Cristo members, deacons and ministers are brutal and cruel. Filipinos are well acquainted of murder crimes being made by INC members. Harassments and gun related crimes of the INC members are always part of the Philippine news and tabloids. Filipinos are aware what kind of people the INC members are. Death Penalty should be done in the proper way of a judicial "fair" due process. Sadly to say, INC members like to put the law and punishment on their own dirty hands. Justice should be rendered to both the rich and the poor. Death penalty should not be given by just selected demented group of individuals.

Philippine Free Press March 28, 1992

Iglesia Ni Cristo members and Pastor killed 5 University students inside the INC Chapel

INC members tortured and killed university students under the INC chapel in Punta Sta. Ana. No judicial hearings or the right to defend them in front of court were given to the poor innocent students. Those kids were brutally murdered by INC members. Death penalty was immediately given to the kids just because of a confrontation from a basketball game. And when the culprit was brought to justice for a trial, they denied the crime. Iglesia Ni Cristo was so quick to give a death penalty to the poor PUP students but the INC killers are slow in admitting their crimes. That is how justice runs with Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Death Penalty for me, is a sacred topic because it involves on ending a life of a person or probably giving a chance to a criminal if we disallow capital punishment. Everyone deserves a second chance. We should not immediately kill other people just like Iglesia Ni Cristo members are doing to their enemies. Justice and compassion is what we need in this poor and cruel time of our lives. Killing people is not the solution. Death Penalty not only takes away lives of our fellow men but also, it affects our moral judgment of being God and taking lives in our hands.

Some Iglesia Ni Cristo kills people, like what they did on those poor university students. I can hardly believe that a group of church-goers can brutally torture and kill people inside their church. Murder crime cases involving Iglesia Ni Cristo members are also available to be read in the Philippine tabloid. INC members are also being hunted in killing a church worker of their rival group Ang Dating Daan. Death Penalty is sadly being imposed by INC members to their enemies. Iglesia Ni Cristo criminals need to be incarcerated and allow them to think about on what they have done. An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth is not suggested for INC monsters who only think of themselves. We should allow them change and accept death penalty should not be in the hands of group of mad man. The group of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Cousin charged for murders of INC pastor, family in Cavite


  1. The author of this article is One Bitter Melon.

    To all the readers, please search and study the doctrines and teachings of the Iglesia Ni Cristo if you want to have a fair judgment about this article. The author never mentioned even just one good thing about INC. Will you not wonder? Something is not good about the author's attitude and belief. Did the author mentioned about the doctrinal stand of INC about the death penalty? NO, he/she just jumped in to the conclusion that we are in favor with it.

    True Christian with PROFESSIONALISM will not do anything that is unjust. One thing that is very clear about the author, he/she is ANTI-INC!!

    To all the readers, you are always welcome to attend our worship services or visit INC chapels near you to listen and study our doctrines.

    To the author of this article: CRAB MENTALITY HAS NO CURE!! I pity you.

  2. Buang talaga author nito.

    What about kung PAGANS CULT pag aralan mo baka magulat ka?

    Kung bakit gutom ka dahil sa bagsak na economiya ng bansa at dagdag pa mga mangmang na tulad mo.

  3. Nabuuang na talaga author nito.... Sa dinami dami ng nasabi nya laban sa INC, ganun na rin kabigat ang sagutin nya sa Diyos.. Ako nga na na-alis sa tala, pilit na bumalik at nagsisisi.

  4. Sana itong author ng article na ito ay makadalo sa ginagawang pamamahayag ng Iglesia Ni Cristo upang kahit paano ay makapulot siya ng mabuti at magandang aral ng Diyos, kaysa sa nagsusulat siya ng mga article na ang laman ay puro paninira lang.

    1. hindi po paninira..ayan nga po may ebidensya sya..anu klase pag uutak meron kayo..panatiko at bulag lang ang mananatili sa ganyang klaseng iglesia..tsk! kaawaan ka nawa sana ng Dios kapatid bka sakali mamulat yang mata mo sa nagdudmilat na katotohanan na kaanib ka sa Iglesia ng mga mamamatay tao