Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Noynoy visits INC on the eve of his inauguration

Report: Noynoy visits INC Central Temple in QC

Manila, Philippines - Is this a courtesy call to Eduardo Manalo? Noynoy Aquino paid a visit to the INC administration on the eve of inauguration is a kind of a sneaky style of Iglesia Ni Cristo of imposing their 'power' to politicians. Apparently, INC members are quick to react on the news of Noynoy visit to INC and they proudly “own" the victory of Noynoy Aquino.

Some ignorant INC members claim that they were able to reach 2-3 million votes for Noynoy and Mar Roxas (Mar lost to Binay). INC reporter Arlyn Dela Cruz claimed that they are 8million votes!!! This is how INC operates to entice politicians and fool the Filipino people. It's either they are ignorant of their real numbers or they are willfully fooling us with their real numbers. INC does not provide official total number of membership. The glory of Iglesia Ni Cristo now fully relies on their prospected numbers that is what they all boast for. Arlyn Dela Cruz' report that INC votes can reach 8 million is totally overblown. Ordinary INC members are just claiming 2-3 million. Inconsistent? Or just a lie coming out from the mouth of INC members?

What could be the meeting agenda between the meeting of Noynoy Aquino and Eduardo Manalo? (Both of them are both neophyte for their respective positions) Noynoy was voted to be the Philippine president while Eduardo Manalo inherited the INC leadership from his father who died of a curse last year. Yes, I truly believe that the sudden death of Erano Manalo is a curse or punishment for the sins of INC to the Filipino people. I am entitled to my opinion, right?

Eduardo Manalo is still trying to learn the skills of being leader of a cult. It is basically just less than a year since he took over the INC leadership. Between Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo and Eduardo Manalo, the current INC head is the weakest link. I think, starting from now, we can expect some stumbles and falls from the inexperienced cult leader Eduardo Manalo. Please take note that the only reason why Eduardo Manalo is the INC head right now is that his father died. Qualifications were actually not taken into consideration in picking INC head. INC is a family business of the Manalo family. Let us welcome Pangulong Noynoy Aquino as the New Philippine President and curse the INC head Eduardo Manalo for politics and religion on the eve of Noynoy's inauguration.

Noynoy Aquino. clap! clap! clap!
Eduardo Manalo. Booo!


  1. Alagad is not the only Party List voted by the INC, you're a loser.. Hahaha!!!

  2. @Mark Lantis - I agree. But basing on the votes, Most big INC chapels and districts voted for Alagad to make sure at least one Congressional seat will be given to Iglesia Ni Cristo member Rodante Marcoleta of Alagad.

    Please read this link for your reference to avoid in being so stupid about your own political cult group Iglesia Ni Cristo and Alagad partylist votes

  3. Based on what I know, the INC voted party list by district and not the entire Philippines as a whole. For example in Nueva Ecija, they voted BAYAN MUNA then in other districts it is different. That is what I know. I am nuetral and a BAYAN MUNA partylist supporter.