Saturday, June 26, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines

Biblical heroes of Christianity like the apostles and Saint Paul are well known for their bravery in leading their flocks. Stephen was even stoned to death after a heated discussion with the Jews. Never can we see in the bible that the courageous leaders of the Christian faith bowed down or cower to such outside pressure to give away their leadership to some unknown personality. The apostles and the Christian leaders are not cowards. Our Lord Jesus Christ and the other Christian martyrs risked and lost their lives because of their firm faith to the church.

Iglesia Ni Cristo, during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines showed how their leader, (which they also consider an angel) Felix Manalo is a big coward. He irresponsibly left the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership and give it away to Prudencio Vasquez because of the Japanese request to relinquish and hand over the INC cult. How can you build a strong foundation of a Christian faith if a leader is a big coward? It is quite irresponsible for a leader to leave his flock because the Japanese said it so. If just for a political reason, a religious leader handed down his leadership to another wannabe, don't you think that coward ness act reflect s to his capability of being a great leader?

It is quite embarrassing to know that Felix Manalo is a big coward that he gave away the INC leadership just because of a political pressure. Even if it have cost your life, if you are a courageous leader, you should not leave you flock, right? If Iglesia Ni Cristo is the true church, I don't think our Lord God Jesus Christ would be proud on what Felix Manalo has done when he left and gave away the church leadership because of a Japanese political pressure. This is truly disappointing news to know that the founder of Iglesia Ni Cristo, Felix Manalo is a one big coward.

Who is Prudencio Vasquez? I don't know. Why did Felix Manalo entrusted the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership to Prudencio Vasquez? I don't know. Why did the Japanese have chosen Prudencio Vasquez? I don't know. Is Prudencio Vasquez an INC elder or is he really a bonafide Iglesia Ni Cristo member? Let the INC members answer it. It seems the INC members are very poor in getting to know more about their religion.

History has its own way of revealing itself. New INC members most probably are unaware how a big coward Felix Manalo was during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. It's either the new INC members are being hidden from the embarrassing history of their INC leader or INC members are not that keen on the religion they have chosen to join. Blind following is a sign of ignorance and showing less importance for the truth that needs to be told. Worse is, Iglesia Ni Cristo erected a monument for Felix Manalo. They also treat him as an angel destined to erect a church from the Far East. Iglesia Ni Cristo has put the Manalo clan into a pedestal that no one can even replace. Now that Iglesia Ni Cristo is enjoying political power here in the Philippines, I am quite sure that no Prudencio Vasquez can snatch or take away the leadership from the Manalo family. And ehem (cough, cough, cough) no Prudencio Vasquez wannabee would even NOW dare in questioning the leadership of the Manalo clan in the INC administration. Felix Manalo monument then Erano Manalo stamps and suddenly a non-Manalo family member will lead the Iglesia Ni Cristo? Blood will have to flow and spill first before a drastic change will occur in the INC leadership.


  1. Bro. that is your own interpretation and observation,maybe i advise you to listen the bible study of the INC so that all your questions will answer in proper discussion.PANINIRA PERSONAL GINAGAWA MO..TSISMOSO KA BRO, BADING KA BA?

  2. @joe - I'm done listening to your INC ministers and their self-serving interpretations of the Bible are usually far from the truth.

    Exposing truth is never "paninira". Calling me a "tsismoso" or "bading" without substantive proofs is what defines "personal attack".

    Please learn to remove your religious bias.

    Accept it. The truth hurts!



  3. @mouth4war - thanks for the link.

  4. Even if you look at the bible and compare it to what you have listened it it is.. I think you have a deep anger on INC. YOu know what this blog only attacks INC, How about other religions. Yeah, i just thought that it's your anger that runs this blogpost. If there's someone bias its you..
    @mouth4war.. hey do not judge unless you know all about them. Dirty Mouths? Maybe that's your impression.

  5. @Manuel - I am also a witness how INC bloggers attacks Catholics and Protestants. They create blogs, malign others and spread lies. You can ask INC members who are bloggers on how they attack Catholics in different online forums and blogsites.

    INC members who blog are well-known attackers of different faith. Shut up your mouth Manuel. INC bloggers are even worse.

  6. They don't tell lies you know that. You know what?
    you're just one of those who attacks INC because of your unknown purpose... They don't actually attack faith but instead they speak the truth.. Are you blind? Read the bible and compare... Ill shut my mouth?? Why would I? anyways who are you for me to be mouth shutted?

  7. Ok, so don't shut your mouth. Keep it open so we can smell your stinking breath. So the INC bloggers speak the truth? That Felix Manalo is an angel? hahaha! Only INC members will be sent to heaven? Is that the truth? that ALL Catholics, Protestants and Muslims will be burned to hell? INC bloggers can attack other religions but non-INC members cannot expose the Iglesia Ni Cristo Atrocities?

    Felix Manalo is a coward for leaving his flock to Prudencio Vasquez.

    Keep talking Manuel. Keep us entertained :)
    We love to see you embarrass yourself and the INC cult.

    1. and yet you dirty mouth us! how obvious.

    2. that is not cowardly at all. if the japanese says so, we have to obey orders.
      for the sake of the church, ka felis manalo sacrificed inorder for the member to serve GOD, yes we know! decisions like this are made not just for the sake of the members, but of also our contionous worship.

      so stop accusing and research more...
      you are just ASSUMING and of personal opinions only, how ignorant for you not to see that people shall be killed if they don't do what the japanese says so....

  8. Bakit po may Religious Dynasty kasi ang INC, di po ba pede humalili ang hindi kamag-anak ni Felix Manalo?

  9. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

    Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae? Magkapatid sa ama si Eraño Manalo at Jun Santos? Tiyuhin ni Eduardo Manalo si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos? Kung totoo ngang maraming ginalaw na babae si Felix Manalo, mali na agad ang pundasyon ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Sana malagpasan ng mga INC ang scandal about the Rosita Trillanes case.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo

    Si Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo ay napapabalitang anak din ni Felix Manalo at kung ang pagbabatayan ay mukha, para ngang kamukha ni Felix Manalo si Rene Panoncillo. Sana tigilan na ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo ang paninira sa mga katoliko kasi mismong Iglesia Ni Cristo members at ang Manalo family ay may kasiraan din.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo History

    Alam naman ng lahat na si Felix Manalo ay galing din sa iba't-ibang religions. Nabautismuhan si Felix Manalo sa ibang religions pero hindi mismo sa sariling religion na itinatag niya. I doubt na sugo nga ng Dios si Felix Manalo. Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae?

    These are just simple deadly questions.
    The answers are more frightening.

  10. hindi raw natitinag si manalo ng lagay na yun ah,,,,haahahha,,kaawa awang sugong napasubo! gusto raw ng hapon si Vasquez muna hhhaha,,,ala..di totoong lider,,kala ko ba di ka takot ka Quirino dahil tao rin naman bakit sa japon kamo nagpatinag ka? anu ka....manalo di kapani-paniwala at yung mga taga sunod mo lang ang mapapaniwala mo kasi nga binulag na kau ng tatay niyo..di raw natitinag utot mo...napansin nyo ba mga nagbabasa ng blog na to? talasan lang nyo..may wisdom kau malalaman...

  11. bakit ganon hindi pwede makasal ang ang isang inc sa isang inc member.. its unfair.. pano nlang kung my paninindigan din sa sariling religion ung other part>. ang dami kong gustong tanungin? pero napakahirap on my part ..